Listen, Lefty Loosey LOOOVES Twitter. Loves it. Loves it BIGLY. It’s a 140 character wonder of modern times. However, the orange tinted one and his freaking tweets. Seriously. I can’t even with that cracker. I CAN’T EVEN. Again, alternate universe. A FUCKING ALTERNATE REALITY. When, in modern times, has a President actually, personally attacked people on Twitter. I mean, a FREAKING REAL HOUSEWIFE REALITY STAR, who ACTS like a reality star in EVERY SINGLE WAY, is preparing to run the country and people are just chill about these crazy antics. If your Aunt Rhoda were tweeting crazy ass shit like this, you’d look at her and ask her WHAT THE FUCK WAS WRONG WITH HER. Leader of the free world? Well, there’s the “he tells it like it is” bullshit line. Bless. Seriously. BLESS YOUR FUCKING HEART.

People are also chill about his daughter, WHO DOES NOT HAVE CLASSIFIED SECURITY CLEARANCE, listening in on calls with foreign leaders and sitting in on meetings with international leaders, all while no one is DOING ANYTHING about the CLEAR CONFLICT OF INTEREST here. I mean, is there even a lawyer for the U.S. people who is looking in to these things on our behalf? I mean, WHO IS ON OUR FUCKING SIDE? Who is protecting us from the soon to be Pre$iden$ and WHY THE HELL AM I HAVING TO ASK THAT QUESTION???

Sorry, that was an aside. Back to Twitter, where we can’t let this little post go by without mentioning the minions. Yes, the alt-right minions. The ones who have such tiny balls that they can’t even use a real profile pics. The ones for whom Pepe the Frog is an idol of their Nationalistic pride. The ones who were emboldened and became an army of virtual hate. Now, I know what you are saying, “Loosey, just because some neo-nazi’s support the orange tinted one, doesn’t mean HE’S a nazi.” Well,  you are right and we agree. HOWEVER, they BELIEVE that HE STANDS FOR THEM. Seriously, though. If, when Obama won, if I knew that ACTUAL NAZI’S had met in Washington and those people had “Sieg Heil”ed over his win, I’d have taken a LONG HARD LOOK IN THE FUCKING MIRROR and asked myself, what is it that I relate to in this candidate that these people also relate to? I mean seriously. And please, if you’re about to come at me with that Robert Byrd/Hillary nonsense, go pick up a fucking book, and come back when you’ve attained additional brain cells. But, if you do want to go there, did Byrd ACTUALLY Sieg Heil Obama or Hillary? Did he and his former Klan buddies, which he denounced and called the biggest mistake of his life, actually claim that Obama’s win was a victory for “those of European descent”? Yeah, no. So, shut the hell up and go read that fucking book. If you voted for Trump, great, ‘Merica and all that for you. However, I’d like to suggest that you take that mirror and hold it up and truly ask yourself, what is it that ties your beliefs to what these minions are also tied to? You can decry all you want, but we all know that deep down inside it bothers you that these guys also support your guy. If not, you wouldn’t be so angry right now, and your skin wouldn’t be pricked by reading this. Let that sink in. If you voted on “policies and economics”, great. However, you’ve still got to do that examining and ask yourself are those things worth what these other guys see? And listen, if you’re not with these guys, I BETTER FUCKING SEE AND HEAR YOU STANDING UP AGAINST THEM ON YOUR FACEBOOK AND ON YOUR TWITTER AND ON YOUR FUCKING OLD ASS MYSPACE. Because if you don’t and you sit there quietly thinking we’ll all “just know” that you’re a good person, you’re wrong. You’ve got to stand with us and say it. Seriously. You don’t condone Bannon, you don’t condone Nazi’s and you don’t condone ANY OF THAT SHIT. If you do, you may as well add that swastika to your profile pic, because then, YOU ARE NO DIFFERENT.

Peace, Crackers.


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